Power all day long, (And all night too)

Your solar system is connected to the grid. This means your home has power even when it's cloudy, during a storm and during the night. The excess energy your solar system generates during the day is sent back to the grid. This makes your electricity meter run backwards and you can use that excess energy during the night.

Incredible savings

Having a solar system is almost like having your own private power plant. The savings you make with a solar system are incredible. You will also be insulated from the periodic rise in power tariff. Further, your solar system will generate enough power to run the gadgets at home including air conditioners and refrigerators.

Near-zero maintenance

Your solar system is as easy to maintain as cleaning your windows. The system comes with a 20-year warranty and will last you your lifetime.

Easy to install

It takes just a few days to install your solar system and power it up. All you need is some rooftop space.